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“Showing Your Beautiful Color” Passionate Colored Clay-Clad Running launched in Xintian Town on April 29
Time:2017-05-05 Hit:659

Where was more recreational during the May Day? The fashionable and fantastic colored clay-clad running held in Xintian Town was a more healthy and Lohas choice! The themed activity “Showing Your Beautiful Color” was launched enthusiastically on April 29 in Xintian Town. Playing your tricks and running in your most beautiful gesture was the very purpose of the colored clay-clad running!

At 15:00 that day, the colored clay-clad running started formally in Xintian Town. Xue Chaoqun, general manager of the Marketing Management Center of Henan Xintian Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., announced the beginning of the colored clay-clad running. Then a crowd of young Lohas lovers ran happily towards the end in the wake of anchors of radio FM912 and FM900 on the inner ring road of Xintian Town.

Games like rolling over the mud pit, thousand-people water gun fight and passionate bubble bath emerged one after another on the 5km long runway. Besides, energetic band and cheering bikini beauties posted a great audio-visual feast for runners in the course of running! People had such fun in it!

During the activity, participants had a happy experience that they had never felt before, instead of pursuing the sense of speed. The 5km long colored clay-clad running was not reckoned by time. Each runner received a package that contained colored powder, a T-shirt and other materials before starting to run. All the runners were clad with different colors from top to toe until the end of the activity. In the middle of the runway, there was a mud pit for them rolling over. Medals and water guns were available at the return point of the runway. The activity reached its climax with the water gun fight accompanying the bubble bath!

Joy did not end yet after the finishing line was crossed. A splendid color party was prepared in the stage area at the end. Participants threw out the color powder in their hands to the air. Everyone was bathing in a riot of color! Besides colored clay and the mud pit, there is also a large interactive photo-taking site, where people took part in the activity might take photos to mark the occasion. In addition, hundreds of mobikes were served on the site, which not only initiated the concept of green travel but created beautiful scenery in Xintian Town.

Color running has been held twice before this one. But the colored clay-clad running presented a new appearance this time from the view of both the scale and the form of activity. As a brand activity of Xintian Town, it has produced an extensive impact. 2017 colored clay-clad running held in Xintian Town undoubtedly created a new form of running. From color running to colored clay-clad running, Xintian Town kept showing people Lohas life as well as new concepts and new ideas in the course of marketing activities. “The reason why we launched such activities is to make people feel recreational and live an amusing life and let more people know about the “new life” of Xintian Town,” said a worker on the site.

You will live a new life in Xintian Town! 30-300m2 lakeshore shops of Xintian Town are on hot sale now. Hotline for investment consultation: 8709 9999

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