Address: Intersection between Qinhe Road and Heping Road, Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City

Xintian 360 Plaza – Wuzhi is located in Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City. It is built along Heping Road and Qinhe Road in L form, only 300m away from Hongqi Road Primary Trade Center and 500m away from the county government. Locating at the northeast corner of the intersection between Qinhe Road and Heping Road, it has convenient and fast transport. Its total floorage area is 47640 m2 and its commercial area is 43775 m2.

With a whole modern style, the building is designed to display modern metropolis features, and its four layers are designed correspondingly by combining with the shopping theme in each region to create a three-dimensional and diversified shopping space. The updated Shopping Mall integrates experience type shopping, fashion catering, leisure and recreation, and urban meeting into one.

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