Address: Intersection of Nongye Road and Huayuan Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

Xintian 360 Plaza – International Trade Center Hall 2 is separated by Nongye Road from Henan Academy of Agricultural Science in the north and next to Zhengzhou International Trade Center Phase I in the south and east. It is planned that Metro Line 2 runs through Huayuan Road and Metro Line 5 runs through Nongye Road, and there will be transfer sites at the intersection of these two roads. Its floorage area is about 40177 m2 and its commercial area is about 11140 m2, excluding the hotel area of 15508 m2.

By combining with commercial and cultural features around and introducing the latest international design concept, the project will be built into an epoch-making large integrated commercial real estate benchmark in Central Zhengzhou, with market competitive differentiation, to provide Zhengzhou City with another urban landscape and activity platform.

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