Address: Intersection of Huayuan Road and Nongye Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou
VIP line:86-371-8709 6330

  Zhengzhou International Trade Center is designed to be an “urban financial and business center”, integrating ten major business functions of exhibition, business, shopping, entertainment, leisure, catering, tourism, culture, sports and emotional communication. It actually is a golden property on “two axles and three belts”, i.e. Yingbin Avenue - Huayuan Road from south to north and Nongye Road from east to west, central business belt formed by Erqi, Zijingshan and Huanghe Road business areas in the south, technology and culture belt formed by Technology Market (Silicon Valley in Central Plains) in Wenhua Road and higher education institutions in the northwest, and automobile business belt in cross shape northward along Huayuan Road. Superior supporting facilities around include Zhengzhou Zoo, Wenbo Square, Dennis Mall, ZDZH, coffee shops, telecom sector, electrical stores, museum, cinema, hotels, and schools, facilitating customers to enjoy 24h daily life, leisure, fitness, entertainment, learning, interaction and other urban living and recreational experience.

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